Make Your Neighborhood Blue-Green

Florida Interfaith Climate Actions Network (FL-iCAN!)

Blue Green Neighborhoods:

Restorative, Regenerative, and Resilient


Sixth Annual Assembly March 13 & 14, 2020

Friday, March 13, 2020 – Christ the King Episcopal Church

                                             26 Willow Drive, Orlando, FL 32807

9:30 AM         Registration/Tabling/Networking Welcome to this place and time

10:00             Welcome      

                        City of Orlando
                        Episcopal Organization of Latino Assistance (introduction to           later tour)

                        FL-iCAN!’s story

10:30              Centering in this place and time with each other

10:45              Conversations: Getting to know you
12:00 PM       Better Shelter and Coming of Age in the Eye of Michael  PhotoVoice

                        Exhibit with boxed lunches

1:30                Panel: Local and Regional Resilience and Sustainability

3:00                Conversations: Post to the Living Learning Wall

3:30                  Panel: Welcoming New Neighbors Displaced by Disaster

5:30                Dinner with our new neighbors

6:30                Learning Wall Harvest: Where are we now? Tomorrow.

7:45                Praise and gratitude
8:00                Close

Saturday, March 14, 2020 – Callahan Neighborhood Center, Parramore, Orlando

    101 N Parramore Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

9:30 AM         Registration/Tabling/Networking

9:45                Welcome & Overview of yesterday

10:00              Panel: Urban Agriculture: Spirit, Soil and Climate

11:30              Conversations: Post to the Living Learning Wall           

12:00 PM       Lunch with Lighting the Way: Climate Change Theater Action  

1:30                Panel: Neighborhood Climate Solutions 

3:00                Conversations: Learning Wall Final Additions & Harvest

3:30                Next Steps

                                    Action Alerts

                                    FL-iCAN! listserve and monthly Zooms

3:55                Praise and gratitude

4:00                Tour of Mercy Drive, where Development, Environmental Justice and Rights of Nature clash